Wednesday, April 9, 2014

UCV - UCV - Under Cover Video Spy Released

Cover artStealthy undetectable video recorder. Record video while using other applications or even when the screen is locked and turned off. Re-nameable icon. Does not appear in apps screen.
Records in the background so you can use your phone as normal and NO ONE can tell you are recording video.
Select from different stealth styles.
- Functioning web browser. Browse the web while recording undercover
- Functional note pad. Work on your "to do" list all while recording undercover
- Choose from plain black screen, white screen or any picture can be used. (Use screen shot of your home screen or lock screen for maximum stealth)

You can have a small re-sizable preview of what you are recording in the bottom corner. Or set the size to 0 for no preview.
In an effort to make the application stealthy, this app does not appear in the launcher when installed. To start the app, find it in the widgets section and select add. This will launch the app. If you want a shortcut on your home screen, you can install one from the within settings in the app. You will have the option to name it anything you want.
Not all the main menu items are labeled with their true functions. (Note, you can rename these to anything you want in the app settings). Here is a description of what they do:
File - This lets you browse your phones memory and open a video. Or any file for that matter. Videos recorded with this program are not added to the Media Gallery. (To keep them from being added on a future scan, either store them in a folder whose name begins with a "." or create a file named ".nomedia" in your storage folder.

Options - This brings up the settings menu.
Forward - This starts recording. Will confirm with a vibration and/or message if this options are set.
Back - This stops recording. Will confirm with a vibration and/or message if this options are set.
Help - This currently does nothing.